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Welcome to our "Fear and Into Abundance" page.

Step out of Fear and into Abundance.

Healing comes from love, prosperity, abundance, light, information, unity and oneness. It does not reside in fear, lack, limitation, the illusion of separation or darkness. We cannot give a gift we are not willing to receive and accept.

We cannot stand in fear trying to protect ourself with white, pink, purple, gold and chartreuse or Tartan plaid flames from imagined negative energies or entities, and facilitate healings… For healings reside in love. We cannot stand in lack and limitation by trying to add to ourself or make ourself more whole via pendants, crystals, and/or other healing toys and paraphernalia. For the more we try to add, the more we reinforce a consciousness of lack and limitation. Nor can we stand in poverty consciousness by refusing fair financial exchange and denying our own self-worth and the value of our gift in the process, and facilitate healings that reside in love, prosperity and abundance.

Every time we feel we should move your hands in a clockwise direction or only move “as far as three inches off the body” because we were told that that is the “right” way – we place ourself into a state of fear, the fear of potentially doing it the “wrong” way. It’s time we demonstrate – by the courage of our own actions and convictions – that the universe is loving, safe and abundant. The only way to do this is for us to step through our own fears so that we may experience this love and abundance and be a representative of it. It’s time for us to become this light, to shine this light for others to see and step into.

We must stay conscious of our intentions, those so subtly ingrained that they hover for the most part just below our conscious radar. When they “bleep” in on our screen, it is our responsibility to examine them. Our hidden intentions affect the direction we take, often more strongly than our conscious intentions, because we are not sufficiently aware of them to bring them up to the light of examination. If we don’t know we have the fear, we don’t know to face it.

To step through our fears requires both courage and daily practice. The more we challenge and allow ourself to continuously recognize and acknowledge our fears as they show themselves, as we embrace them and step through them we come that much closer to living in love and abundance, where healing resides in it’s truth, purity and integrity. This is the essence of Reconnective Healing.

You are undergoing your own evolutionary transition. You are now able to listen and hear with a different sense; to see with new vision. You have learned to feel that which others have not yet felt. As you learned to experience this new awareness, you moved into your existence as a transcendsory being.

What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet—and where there is light and information, there can be no darkness. Through this light and information, among other things, come transformation and healing.

Healing is not the “how” or “why”—or a recipe. It is a state of being.

So, with your fear, step into the light and information. Love becomes it. Then it becomes love—and it is the healer. You are at once the observer and the observed, the lover and the loved, the healer and the healed.

Become one with the other person, then heal yourself. In healing yourself, you heal others. And in healing others, you heal yourself.

Reconnect. Heal others; heal yourself.

Some things are difficult to explain; miracles speak for themselves.

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